Saturday, 25 June 2011

How Can Save Electricity ?

Now a days Electricity is very important thing in our life. It is a boon of Nature. Due to it's importance We should save it. I am giving some tips or we can say that by little effort we can save it.

  • We can switch off our electricity equipment like Fan,Television when we are not using them.

  • We can avoid AC in our home or office because these equipment take a lot electricity.

  • For Saving Electricity we can daily switch off our all electricity equipment for half an hour.

  • We should use computer for less time. These devices consume a lot energy.

  • We can replace our home's light bulb to CFL.

  • We can avoid those appliances that use a lot of energy like heaters, stoves etc.

  • We can avoid for boiling water by electricity.

  • By saving Water, We can also save electricity. The reason for it that Electricity can we produced by Water.

  • We can avoid Microwave in our Kitchen.

  • We can avoid Refrigerators in the Kitchen.

  • Now a days We can use solar equipment for saving Electricity.

That's all If you have some suggestion then give response, For doing a little bit of effort we can save Electricity.

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